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power plant thermal performance test (TPEC)

Release Time: 2016-06-07 Browsing Times: 694

Thermal performance test of the plant personnel, through the use of this software (TPEC), steam turbine and boiler thermal performance calculation can be done, with time, accurate, convenient installation and use.

Calculation software of power plant thermal performance test (TPEC) consists of two parts, steam turbine and boiler. Respectively according to the turbine performance test code ASME PTC6-1996 "and" national standard GB 10184-88 power plant boiler performance test procedures ".

TPEC turbine parts can be according to the experiment data, calculate the steam turbine unit heat consumption rate, rate of steam, steam flow, feed water flow, steam turbine efficiency of each cylinder, steam turbine shaft seal leakage part, leakage flow and the various parts of the system parameters in various parts of the thermal system of working medium, can undertake a correction (simplified correction, completely revised), 2 kinds of correction and aging correction calculation.

TPEC boiler parts can be according to the experiment data, calculate the heating and power supply standard coal consumption rate (consider secondary share), the boiler thermal efficiency, etc., can be to correct the boiler thermal efficiency calculation.