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The ORC turbine unit

Release Time: 2016-06-07 Browsing Times: 982

Organic medium Rankine's Cycle (Organic Rankine Cycle, ORC) with low boiling point working medium, the recovery of low grade energy. The cycle by the low boiling point working medium heat exchange equipment (including the economizer, heater, separator), the low boiling point turbine, condenser, such as working medium pump parts. Turbine driven generator or used to drive the pump/fan. ORC for rational utilization of low-temperature heat source in our country provides a reasonable and effective technical means. The market is quite large, of the device is suitable for metallurgy, chemical industry, oil refining, paper making, building materials, food and other industries.


ORC not consume fossil fuels, according to the design of unattended, high automation, less investment, quick effect, short payback period, the circulation economy, wide prospect of market.

Low ORC can adopt integration device, improve the operation reliability.

Using optimization techniques, improve circulation efficiency; Using cogeneration, cool co-generation or heat energy utilization can be improved.

Results of the project:

"Double working medium circulating flue gas waste heat utilization power generation device" has applied for a patent for invention and utility model patents.

Flue gas waste heat utilization ORC power generation device has been put into operation, is proposed to implement the hot water power projects.