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condenser water supplement system

Release Time: 2016-06-07 Browsing Times: 497

Power plant boiler water supply chemical supplement in addition to salt water, add water great particularity. Though currently part of filling water system has been change from hydrating to deaerator to fill to the condenser, improves the thermal efficiency of factory production, reducing the loss of the exhaust steam of the unit, save energy, but, over time there have been some running problems, is still not the best way to filling water.

For this, we developed a coal-fired power plant moisturizing system transformation technology, adopts the contact way of heat exchange cooling exhaust. When chemical water, after filling water into the condenser throat after atomization, to strengthen the exhaust cooling effect. Such recycling some of the cold source loss, and improve the vacuum. Chemical filling water again by condenser flows through the low pressure heater, and regenerative effect of the generators was improved, better improve the thermal efficiency of power plants.

Technical features:

Low chemical filling water by a condenser flows through the low pressure heater, and improved the regenerative effect of the unit, improves the thermal efficiency of power plants.

Adopting the contact way of heat exchange cooling exhaust, low exhaust cooling rapidly, thus improve the vacuum.

Low this technology use vacuum deaeration principle to solve the problem within the condenser of deoxidization. With the help of filling water system transformation, also can eliminate caused by insufficient capacity of deaerator water supply the phenomenon of excess oxygen, thus reduce the corrosion of the equipment.

Low power of mother tube filling water system, can provide optimal allocation between the filling water in each unit.

This technology contains device easy installation, no maintenance during the operation of.

Less investment, quick effect, easy and convenient.

Economic efficiency:

By the yunnan, henan, shaanxi, gansu, zhejiang, and northeast to the operation of the coal-fired power plant practice has proved that this safe and reliable technology, economic benefit is remarkable, after use, can make the coal consumption rate of decline in 1 ~ 4 g/KWH.

Scope of application:

This technology is applicable to all kinds of condensing power plant and thermal power plant.