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Oman demostrated oil displacement to improve recovery factor

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"Half seawater, half flame" is the most exact of Oman, is located in the hot desert, near the blue sea. On the energy development, Oman also came to a "mix build" - plans to build a very large scale solar power plants, to improve oil production.
Wall Street journal reported on July 8, Oman's largest producer of oil and gas - Oman oil company (PDO) announced that day, will be in the south of Oman Amal western oil field construction of a 1021 mw thermal power plant, called "Miraah", Arabic for "mirror". This will become one of the world's biggest solar power stations, is completed in 2017.
Oman oil development company by the government of Oman, shell, total joint venture, and Solar power companies in the United States GlassPoint Solar, cooperative research and development of Solar energy "Enhanced oil recovery (Enhanced oil recovery, EOR) technology.
EOR technology is to press the water vapor, gas, or polymer into oil Wells, reduce oil viscosity, to increase the amount of harvested technology. At present, a lot of EOR technology using natural gas, which USES natural gas production of high temperature and high pressure steam boiler, the injection Wells, reduce the viscosity of underground reservoir, increase the thermal expansion and liquidity, in order to reach the purpose of mining and enhance oil recovery, but the result is "gas" in the "oil". Oil, according to data in this way, a barrel of crude oil natural gas costs accounted for 50%.
Oman oil companies have changed the EOR technology, replace the gas with solar energy. Solar EOR and solar panels, is the use of solar panels will focus light on the water boiler, after being heated steam, steam again pumped into oil, heating oil and reduce its sticky. The technology can reduce 80% of the gas consumption.
Miraah power station is Oman the most important measures to prevent the decline in oil production in recent years. Crude oil is a mainstay of the economy, Oman energy accounted for half of its gross domestic product (GDP), accounted for three-quarters of the government fiscal revenue.
Oman is biggest Opec member states of the Middle East oil producers. According to the U.S. energy information administration (EIA) data, Oman, with the help of EOR technology, oil production by 2007, about 700000 barrels per day to 950000 barrels per day in 2014.
Miraah solar-thermal power plants use sunlight to produce the concrete scheme of water vapor. The plant covers an area of 3000 square meters, including 36 glass greenhouse module, will produce 6000 tons of water vapor for drilling. Each glass greenhouse module is fully enclosed space, can ensure the solar panel from the effects of desert sand.
Oman oil company general manager Raoul Restucci said: "the PDO proud by unprecedented scale and efficiency level deployed solar heating oil production, leading the industry. The project will provide for Amal oilfield steam, and is the company's production plan is an important part of."
Restucci added: "over the years, the PDO is the pioneer of EOR technology industry, the technology will play more and more important role in the company portfolio, by 2023, accounts for about a third of total output. Using solar energy increase oil is to develop heavy oil portfolio, a long-term strategy to reduce the consumption of natural gas solution, help to Oman diversify economic growth."
Once completed, Miraah power station will save each year 5.6 trillion British thermal units (BTU) of natural gas, enough to provide power for the people in Oman, 209000. Will also reduce carbon dioxide emissions a year more than 300000 tons.
, "said Restucci Miraah projects have the potential to make into a centre of the global solar EOR, Oman provides employment and training opportunities for the people in Oman, build a stable supply chain, also helps to attract foreign capital."
Dubai energy analyst Robin Mills said, Oman has "of the complicated geological conditions," solar EOR technology is very important to Oman, will help to increase the rate of heavy oil exploitation, alleviate shortage of natural gas, will also make other countries heavy oil, such as Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Egypt benefit from it.
Shell technology company general manager Geert van DE Wouw, said shell joint GlassPoint Solar investment Miraah power station, combined interaction is of great significance for the oil industry and Solar industry, opened up more extensive cooperation in the field of opportunity.
Restucci said: "over the past two years, GlassPoint Solar on Solar steam pilot project delivers reliable vapor. GlassPoint Solar track record recognized push us to achieve this historic project."
GlassPoint Solar President Rod MacGregor said: "oil and gas industry is the next major market of Solar energy. The production of heavy crude oil viscosity will need a lot of energy, a traditional oil consumption of energy and a small city. GlassPoint Solar Solar EOR methods will a oilfield gas consumption reduced by 80%. The PDO is the global leader in oil and gas innovation, take the lead to achieve the use of Solar energy to replace conventional fuel."
2011, GlassPoint Solar had joint oil production of California merchant Berry's first commercial Solar EOR Petroleum construction projects, is located in the 100 - year - old bakersfield, oil field in the United States; In 2014, chevron and BrightSource energy, meanwhile, has launched a California's SAN joaquin valley of 29 mw thermal power plant.
But also some people don't believe in Miraah solar-thermal power stations, questioned the "mix build" in the era of low oil prices high costs and economic feasibility. The Restucci said: "we aim to ensure the Oman oil industry, development and prosperity of both reduce energy consumption and cost of development."