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First "scenery complementary" project in yunnan province

發布時間: 2016-03-16 瀏覽次數: 310
Recently, invested by hydropower shisiju struck binchuan dry haizi photovoltaic power plant put into production of the construction of the power generation, marks the first in yunnan province "scenery complementary power projects completed and put into operation.
According to reporter understanding, the scenery complementary system is a set of power application, the system is the use of the solar cell phalanx, wind generator (convert alternating current into direct current) will be issued by the electrical energy stored in batteries, when users need electricity, the inverter will direct current into alternating current (ac) stored in the battery, through the transmission lines to user load. Is wind turbines and solar cell phalanx of two kinds of common power generating equipment. Scenery complementary power station adopts wind-light complementary system, scenery complementary power system is mainly composed of wind turbines, solar cell phalanx, intelligent controller, batteries, multi-function inverter, cable and support and auxiliary parts of a power system, power grid to regular grid. At night when there is no sunshine and rainy day by wind, sunny days by solar power, in the case of both wind and the sun both play a role at the same time, realize the generating function of all-weather, combination than fan more economic, scientific, practical and solar energy. Suitable for road lighting, agriculture, animal husbandry, planting and breeding industry, tourism industry, the advertising industry, service industry, ports, mountains, forests, railway, petroleum, military border stations, relay stations, highway and railway signal station workstation, geological exploration and field trips and other regional electricity the inconvenience.
Relevant data shows, dry haizi "scenery complementary" grid photovoltaic power station project, the total installed capacity of 20000 kilowatts, composed of 20 pv matrix, power average Internet access of 27.7 million KWH, available hours 1385 hours, the project total investment 212 million yuan, and built the dragon mountain, fine yunshan two complementary wind farm grid output power.
"Scenery complementary power supply project construction, in order to give full play to the night wind, photovoltaic (pv) during the day the advantages of strong, maximize the function of the output device, improve the economic benefit, and benefit for the smooth operation of the power grid. The project construction began on July 30, 2014, December 30, to achieve the first photovoltaic array to generate electricity.
According to hydropower shisiju related leaders, dry haizi photovoltaic power station built, for hydropower shisiju filled the blank in the field of investment project development, make the hydropower shisiju in new energy investment scale becoming, for the transformation of the pattern of economic development, adjusting industrial structure, contributed to the development of hydropower domain, as well as local clean energy industry and economic sustainable development has injected new vitality.