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Artest's $265 million acquisition of sharp

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Due to the sharp has lost three years, in order to save money, the Japanese companies are rapid contraction front, including the photovoltaic field. For photovoltaic enterprise is in the midst of the rise of China, this is a god-given opportunity.
On April 2nd, artest sunshine power group (hereinafter referred to as the "manager") announced that was completed in March 30, 2015 for sharp subsidiary Recurrent Energy, LLC (hereinafter referred to as "Recurrent Energy").
RON artest from the sharp buy Recurrent Energy costs $265 million (at the rate of 1.64 billion renminbi). The sharp price is 5 years ago buy Recurrent Energy 13% lower. After the completion of the acquisition, Recurrent Energy will run as a separate entity company.
Why sharp Ken Recurrent low Energy for sale? In fact, in the sale of Recurrent Energy before, there is a foreign media, said sharp deliberately cut solar panels business. In 2014, sharp has shut down their production in Britain, the United States of solar panels, and out of the solar panel production in a partnership company in Italy.
Through the sale of Recurrent Energy, sharp can strengthen its shareholders' equity ratio. Because by the end of the second quarter of 2015, sharp debt-to-equity ratio will be at an astonishing 404.7%, total debt will be $8.83 billion.
For artest, acquisition RecurrentEnergy can increase its current photovoltaic power station reserves. Its global power station project reserves increased from 4.0 GW to 8.5 GW (1 GW = 1000 mw, 1 mw = 1000 kw). At the same time, RON artest in the amount of solar power station project construction late increased from 1 GW to 2.4 GW.
"Acquisition of Recurrent Energy is an important international strategic move artest. The acquisition to further expand our business in the global solar power station project, enriched the regional distribution of the company, at the same time also strengthened the artest international solar photovoltaic Energy company leader." Artest sunshine power group chairman, President and chief executive officer said. Recurrent Energy company, was founded in America in 2006, more than 1 gw in California and Texas late (7 items) of construction project, and will be at the end of 2016 the American solar investment tax credit (ITC) policy before the end of the grid.
At present, Recurrent Energy 7 late in the construction of power station project, has signed a long-term power purchase contract (PPA), after completion, will create a large number of sufficient cash flow for RON artest. Acquisition has become artest in the next few quarters to create their own Yield - strategic cornerstone of Co mode.
Since 2009, artest started in low risk areas and countries for solar photovoltaic power station layout and development of the business. The completion of the acquisition to further increase the artest in the power station project reserves on the market.