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National energy bureau. Noor bekri to trina solar research

發布時間: 2016-03-16 瀏覽次數: 375
Changzhou 9 nov 2015 / pr newswire, the national energy administration in September this year at a symposium, trina solar, chairman and chief executive of unstoppable speech to nur bekri director left a deep impression. On November 7, nur bekri, led by the national energy administration came to changzhou trina solar's main leaders of relevant departments headquarters thorough investigation research, jiangsu provincial party committee standing committee and executive vice governor Sean lee, changzhou Yan Li secretary of municipal party committee, the mayor and other accompanying the heights of the clouds.
At the center of the trina solar energy display wisdom, trina solar unstoppable to nur bekri, chairman and chief executive of the growth of the company set up since 1997 are introduced history and development plan in the next five years. Nur bekri spoke highly of the achievements of trina solar, especially trying to overcome industry encountered difficulties and challenges, a few years ago, the first breakthrough to become the world's largest photovoltaic components manufacturing enterprises, made a positive contribution to the industry development.
Unstoppable said, as the energy Internet, energy storage, such as smart grid technology maturity, the pace of international energy revolution is accelerating. Photovoltaic (pv) power as "clean low-carbon, inexhaustible" two big characteristics, and costs continue to drop, in the near future will achieve parity on the Internet, is an important cornerstone of energy revolution inevitably. In recent years, trina solar, give full play to the advantages of component manufacturing, on the one hand, intensify the building of downstream photovoltaic power station operation, on the other hand, grasp the new trend in energy revolution, the new business opportunities, start the energy storage business, and in the smart grid, low carbon city, energy management, energy area overall planning, such as the Internet, efforts to innovation, will eventually set photovoltaic field ", hair, storage, distribution, use "into an organic whole, in each link, photovoltaic power parity acceleration process online.
Nur bekri came to trina solar photovoltaic power station real-time monitoring screen, interpretation of the personnel with the click of a controller, images from space have a bird's eye view of the earth's quickly close location to a concrete plant. In video images and related data to xinjiang turpan toksun county 90 mw photovoltaic power station, nur bekri ask for details of the trina solar investment construction situation in xinjiang. Told trina solar photovoltaic power station, in addition to the xinjiang investment also operates with the minority employees photovoltaic products manufacturing factory, nur bekri said, "good light conditions in northwest China, land desertification, trina solar while countries' 'all the way of good policies in the local area on the further expand the scale of business."
Subsequently, nur bekri to trina solar photovoltaic science and technology "" national key laboratory, understand the leading development of photovoltaic industry technology in China. Unstoppable, trina solar technology research and development center is established in 1998, science and technology innovation is the company's internal gene. Even in a few years ago the industry losses, trina solar always adhere to the scientific and technological innovation to do addition, built in 2012, "state key laboratory of photovoltaic science and technology", this year also built the "distributed photovoltaic (pv) and application engineering center" at the provincial level.
Today, the state key laboratory in photovoltaic cells photovoltaic conversion rate, photovoltaic modules on the core indexes such as total power has been created and set the world record, 10 times for a patent for invention, the first in the nation. Detection capability validation from Europe and the United States top testing institutions, not only your company's photovoltaic products here can complete all of the dozens of performance testing, also for the industry to provide "out" is the world's certification testing. Nur bekri nodded.
In "set the world record product exhibit," nur bekri hear trina solar independent research and development of "high-performance IBC cell" for solar car racing, when they won the world champion after stop to learn more about the situation, and to hear about the performance of the "double glass components is introduced. As the pv application market matures, merchants to extreme climate conditions concerns about the reliability of photovoltaic products, trina solar took the lead in the industry to launch the mass production of the "double glass component. In order to further reduce the system cost of photovoltaic power station, trina solar is leading industry can save cables, junction station accessories such as 1500 v high voltage resistant components.
The investigation is drawing to a close, nur bekri still interest, he said, trina solar after less than 20 years of efforts, to become the world's largest photovoltaic components manufacturing enterprises, however, the unstoppable deserves to be "high eldest brother" in photovoltaic industry. The key to the development of photovoltaic industry is to reduce costs, the solution is the comprehensive innovation. Trina solar photovoltaic science and technology to create the national key laboratory, strengthen industrial technology exchanges and cooperation, to create and set a new world record product power constantly, for the sustainable development of the photovoltaic industry has played a leading and exemplary role. Believe that China's photovoltaic industry will continue to maintain and consolidate the leading position in the global, photovoltaic power parity on the Internet.