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  Xi 'an stone big energy engineering technology co., LTD is a new technology research and development, the application of joint-stock enterprises. Was established in October 2006, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, existing staff 175 people, including senior title 7, intermediate title 25 people, the debugging and installation professional technical personnel 35 people. Company is mainly engaged in waste heat residual voltage utilization, energy-saving power generation and new technology research and development, promotion and other business. Company engaged in the production system of waste heat pressure analysis; Engaged in the production system comprehensive utilization of waste heat pressure; Engaged in the production system of waste heat pressure research and development; Engaged in the by-product heat pressure system engineering design, construction, commissioning, operations; Engaged in the waste heat excess pressure technology renovation project investment; On the industry energy conservation and environmental protection problems. I am in the company and xi 'an jiaotong university, xi 'an petroleum university and other scientific research institutions for cooperation, formed a scientific research team of cooperation, set up energy-saving innovation base, mainly engaged in special turbine (TRT, all kinds of tail gas turbine, the ORT turbine, steam turbine low parameters) of the research and development, design, manufacturing; Developed high efficient "NO compressor", "the ORC turbine", "yu molten slag recycling equipment, etc., respectively applied for national invention patents, with a number of core intellectual property rights. Designed for domestic more than 20 multiple types of the steam turbine and a dozen types of expander, are running well, made great economic and social benefits. Business areas cover oil chemical, electric power, municipal, building materials, new energy and other industries.
  Company headquartered xi 'an electronic electronic road 4, consists of sales department, settlement center, r&d center, engineering and service projects.